Community Development

Liz de Rome has an established track record working in community development since 1988, and has extensive experience of working in a range of community contexts and with people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

She was the National Manager of the Community Relations Strategy for the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission 1990-1992. She has been responsible for a number of State wide projects including two major studies of local government and road safety. She has also worked with Local Government agencies for over10 years.

Projects have covered a range of social issues areas. Recent project include:

As young as I feel, as old as I am (2000) A booklet produced for the International Year for Older Persons designed to help bridge the generation gap between older and younger people. It was developed in consultation with high school students and older people from a range of community organisations. It describes a range of ways older people can become more involved in the lives of young people.

Breaking down the barriers $emdash; we were all young once (2000) A series of work unit in English, History, Design and Technology and General Studies, prepared as a project for 1999 - the Year for Older Person,. The objective is to improve communication and understanding between younger and older people. The package has been distributed to high schools in the Central Coast Area for use in the school program.

Seatbelts without Tears, a video and education leaflet aimed at the parents of young children. This was joint project with the NSW Health, the RTA, Department of Community Services and other stakeholders in the injury prevention field. The product is distributed through Early Childhood Health Centres and the Department of Community Services.

The development of the communications strategy and community consultation strategies for 5 Area Health Services as a part of the NSW Health project to establish Customer Councils.

The production of a video and information package, called The First Time, on elective surgery aimed primarily at elderly patients for the Central Coast Area Health Service.

The development of Getting it Right, a video and training package for health workers on attitudes to suicide for the Central Coast Area Health Service.

The development of an information handbook called Unlocking the System. Produced for community workers working with non-English speaking communities in Victoria by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.

The development of a series of information handbooks called Tracking your Rights. Produced for Aboriginal community leaders and workers by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.

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