Liz de Rome and Associates have conducted a range of projects involving  stakeholder consultations and the development of surveys supported by databases and supplemented with qualitative information from interviews. Their focus is on the development of user friendly survey, research and client management databases and the design of questionnaire and survey instruments to facilitate data capture.

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Recent examples include:

  • An interview program and development of an audit tool and set of indicators for the evaluation of the SHOROC Safe Communities Program. The indicators were developed as the specifications for the development of a database.  Refer below - Safe Communities: An interim report on the SHOROC Safe Communities Program
  • A survey of 73 NSW councils and interviews with over 40 stakeholders for the Local Government Road Safety Program. A database of over 900 road safety projects was developed as a part of this project. Refer below - Working Together: An Interim Activity Report on the Local Government Road Safety Program
  • The development of a database for the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia for the management of the  Local Government Road Safety Projects program.
  • An interview program involving Road Safety Officers and Traffic Engineers from Local Government to document the process of developing Council Road Safety Strategic Plans.  The result of the project is the production of a strategic planning model and Guide for councils to develop their own road safety strategic plans.
  • Road Safety Strategic Plans for a wide range of local government councils.  The process includes data analysis, interviews with key stakeholders and then a workshop to facilitate the development of a strategic plan by stakeholders.
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