Teaching teenagers to drive

Liz de Rome runs workshops for parents on how to teach their teenage children to become safe drivers.  Based on over ten years experience in road safety research and policy development, Liz helps parents understand why young drivers are at risk and what they can do to reduce that risk. She explains how to plan and manage the learning process.  The emphasis is on the amount of supervised practice under a range of driving conditions, which is what really makes the difference in keeping young drivers safe.

Knowing the road rules and being able to operate the car is not enough. Young drivers learn the mechanics of driving quite easily, and they tend to believe that provided they obey the road rules, that will be enough to keep them safe. Unfortunately that is only the beginning of safe driving. They must also learn to recognise and respond effectively to risk situations, particularly those created by other drivers. That sort of learning can only be gained by experience and that is best done when you have a more experience driver in the car to advise you.

Coordinated through local councils, the workshops provide parents with tips for planning an effective driving lesson, teaching teenagers, crisis response, teaching in different driving environments and much more.

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