Full list of video productions

Between the Lines - A series of eight adult literacy motivational and self help learning videos with accompanying workbook. Drama/ documentary. Script concept and design, International Literacy Year Secretariat. Executive Producer - Liz de Rome.
* The series won an International Literacy Year Award 1990.

Burringilling - Walking Together - A 15 minute educational video for senior school students. Discussion of issue of identity and the influence of cultural diversity. International Year of the World's Indigenous Peoples, Office of Multi-cultural Affairs. Documentary. Writer and producer Liz de Rome. Director - Pru Colville.

Getting It Right - A 20 minute series of trigger videos for a suicide prevention training program for health workers. For the Central Coast Area Health Service. Drama. Writer and educational design consultant - Liz de Rome

Making a Difference - Road Safety Campaigns: A Student Resource (1997) A video compilation of road safety public education campaign for use by students of public health promotion, community education and social change. The package is intended to be used together with information available on the RTA's internet site http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au.

Moments of Choice - A series of 19 trigger videos as part of a customer service training package for the NSW RTA. Drama. Executive Producer/writer - Liz de Rome.

Not Just Looking at The Pictures - A video produced for NSW TAFE to promote innovative community based programs to help people with literacy problems. Documentary. Project consultant Liz de Rome. Writer/producer - Pru Colville.

Seatbelts without Tears - A video produced for the NSW RTA to help parents overcome their childrenvs resistance to the use of seatbelts. Drama. Project consultant - Liz de Rome.

Space Invaders: Sexual Harassment at Work - A series of trigger films. Unisearch. Drama. Writer and producer - Liz de Rome.
* Commended in the National Training Film Awards for breaking new ground in training film design.

The First Time - A 20 minute educational video to help pre-operative patients identify and defuse their fears about surgery. Produced for the Central Coast Area Health Service. Drama. Writer - Liz de Rome, Director - Pru Colville.

The Majority Retreat: Facing Racism at Work - A series of trigger films designed to cause people to examine the underlying assumptions in a range of everyday work situation. Unisearch. Drama. Writer and director - Liz de Rome.

Track'n Your Rights - A 20 minute video and training package on legal and community action for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community workers. Drama. Produced for the Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission. Project consultant Liz de Rome.

No Story to Tell - Documentary about peoples experience of reporting racist violence to police. Produced for the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission and Victoria Police Service. Script consultant Liz de Rome.

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