What is a trigger video?

A trigger is a short (less than 2 minutes) video that presents an incomplete story line, which the trainees are required to complete. The trigger format is highly cost effective and efficient use of video as a training resource and does not date as quickly as traditional information based training videos.

The design of an effective trigger video is highly specialised however, if done well, the videos are also a very flexible resource. Trigger scripts can be layered so that the same video can be used for a variety of training purposes by using different instructions and follow up activities.

Trainees are shown the incomplete story and asked, "What would you do in this situation?" This allows people to explore the options for action, and to discuss the value and possible outcomes of different strategies.

A typical trigger will portray a familiar situation or problem which trainees need to learn to handle. The video provides sufficient detail for the trainees to understand the situation, but not sufficient for the "right" answer to be an inescapable conclusion.

The learning takes place through discussion of the options and with the input of ideas and information by the trainer. The trainees' discussion and recommendations for the character's response to the situation will reveal their own attitudes or understanding of the particular issues involved.

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