When would you use trigger videos?

Trigger videos are a quite specific form of training resource. They are the classic means of providing non-information based training. They are essentially different from information driven video programs because they are used to stimulate discussion rather than provide instruction.

Trigger videos are most particularly effective in dealing with interpersonal behaviour and communication skills. They can provide trainees with vicarious experience that is also shared with the class. This may be any form of video - documentary or drama. The advantage is that it enables everyone to start from more or less the same point. This allows distance for contentious issues. Unlike working with case studies, you are dealing with what happened in the video, not with anecdotes from your own experience.

Triggers are appropriate for use by non-professional trainers such as line managers who have completed a Train the Trainer program. Programs using triggers can be designed in modular format so that short (45 minute) training modules can be integrated into other training programs or used for on-the-job training.

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